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Gender equality report

What is the gender equality index?

The index is a document aiming to put an end to gender inequality in the working environment. This index must be calculated and published every year to show inequalities within the company.

How does it work?

It consists of 5 indicators and is based on a scale of 100 points. The indicators are as follows:

1 – Pay gap according to socio-professional category and age group. (40 points)

2 – Gap in distribution of promotions (? points)

3 – Gap in distribution of individual salary increases (? points)

4 – Percentage of female employees given a raise on returning from maternity leave (15 points)

5 – Number of women in the top 10 pay grades (? points)

Risks involved

In case the company fails to achieve a score higher or equal to 75/100 points it will have 3 years to improve and reach this score. If the company fails to reach this score and no measures have been put in place after three years, it may face the fine up to 1% of the wage bill.


As the accuracy of the information you provide is essential when creating this type of report. The team at CV Consultants can help you calculate this index with a very high level of precision.

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