Mastering Data or Big Data

Popularized at a crucial turning point in the 2000s with the explosion of digital technologies, the term “Big Data” refers to the mass of digital information generated by the use of these new technologies from all sources combined.

This data can be personal, professional or corporate and relates to all kinds of information that is distributed via digital networks (text, video, audio, databases, GPS coordinates, e-commerce transactions and information received from connected objects…)

Big Data can be defined using the three Vs:

Volume (mass to a greater or lesser extent)

Variety (nature and how structured it is)

Velocity of production, collection and analysis

In some cases, the criteria may include a fourth V: Veracity or accuracy of the data which must be checked before it is used.

CV Consultants are committed to ensure that customers remain in control of their data whatever the volume while achieving the objective.

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