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To help our customers choose the best market configurations CV Consultants test the best tools and solutions on the market for the benefit of their clients. Depending on the desired performance and level of investment, CV Consultants pinpoint the right solution to guarantee client’s satisfaction.

Altair Knowledge Works (Datawatch): Data preparation solution

Altair Monarch is an intuitive application that allows you to merge data from multiple, heterogeneous sources so you can further process it using Tableau. 
Thanks to a complete range of simple “drag and drop” functions to clean, process and enrich data, as well as use a graphic visualization of the model-based data process, Altair Monarch offers business users the option to carry out data preparation activities themselves.

ADP®: HRIS payroll solution

The world’s leading payroll and human resources services provider – ADP – offers a wide range of solutions tailored to the size of each organization and line of business.

The ADP® Décidium Grandes Entreprises range offers a HRIS modeled on major collective agreements providing payroll experts a reliable application that reflects legal and contractual changes.

The ADP® Décidium Expert range makes it possible to meet specific settings that can be configured according to the specific business needs.

All ADP products are reversible and can switch from in-house to outsourced payroll and without the need to recreate payroll settings.


A solution designed to streamline your business processes for collecting, capturing, exchanging and reporting your data. The solution is presented as a Web portal tailored to each customer. All your data, secured and controlled, are valorized by an integrated data visualization studio.

Ignimission has a flat rate pricing regardless of the number of users. Distribute limitlessly, with an access rights management system, to the whole ecosystem of your company. 

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