Our methodology


Implementation of the SGCIB IT services management system (improving operational monitoring and project oversight, aligning operational and client reporting) from several business sources

Auditing the existing situation, suggestion of an action plan and recommendations for organization Project to be implemented

Defining the target architecture and implementation of developments


Initiate scoping studies for the implementation of the Solvency Reporting project

Define the project plan, scheduling, and defining the budget

Implement the Solvency II Reporting system for the group


Advisory function to determine the Financial IS target, recommendations for prioritizing functional batches and definition of the roadmap for implementation

Implementation of various management cycles (budget, forecasts, MTP(Medium Term Plan)) and support during deployment in subsidiary companies worldwide

Improvement of data traceability and auditability

Industrialization of checks required to integrate stacks and for consolidation

Streamlining existing documentation to ensure a more effective support and change management


Initiation of scoping to define shared indicators between all departments. Overall design, implementation, support for the deployment and maintenance of a decision-making HRIS (Sales/Marketing, Management Control and Audit)

Roadmap implementation

Implementing BIG DATA system to better track the consumption of offered services and deploy recommendation mechanisms. This system enables to respond to 3 user cases: Operational monitoring of services Personalized recommendations Usage analysis

Defining architecture for collecting data from sites, gateways and ISPs and storing it in the Data Lake


Help contracting authorities manage decision-making projects

Establish and design a roadmap to converge two decision-making IS, each with a national or regional vision

Define performance indicators with businesses by holding workshops


Define functional and application architecture of the solution with a focus on the mechanisms for reconciling classifications and implementing a general store of indicators

Methodological support during the preparation and execution of the plan

Gathering requirements, holding workshops and drafting DFS for service continuity in the fields of HR and resources management. Implementing changes in an IRHEN infocenter in the field of HR


Audit existing Business Intelligence solution and definition of the target

Implementing the Group’s new Decision-Making Information System with the aim of covering all business lines. Batches deployed or underway:
Sustainable Development
Other batches: HR, Finance…


Following the acquisition of a planning management information system, modernization of production organization in accordance with the Contract of Objectives and Means (COM).

Create Dashboards to allow planners in production management and production staff management to put together schedules for technicians.

Initiate scoping for the implementation of the Solvency II Reporting project

Defining the project plan, scheduling, and defining the budget

Implementing the Solvency II Reporting system for the group

Action plan approval

Implementation and Support

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